Ireland’s Top Solar Racking Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

Concept of Ireland’s Top Solar Racking Manufacturers

Ireland is steadily carving its niche in the solar industry, with local racking manufacturers standing out in quality and innovation. Solar racking is pivotal in mounting and stabilizing solar panels, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption.

Opting for a top-notch racking system not only guarantees your solar panels’ longevity but also optimal performance.

Here, we shed light on Ireland’s leading solar racking manufacturers, their unique offerings, and how they measure up globally.

The Basics of Solar Racking Systems

Solar racking systems are critical components in the installation of solar panels. They provide the support structure to mount solar panels in various settings, ensuring optimal orientation to the sun for maximum energy production. Here’s a basic rundown of solar racking systems:

1. Types of Solar Racking Systems

Types of Solar Racking Systems

a. Fixed Mount

These are stationary racks. They don’t move and are typically used for rooftop installations or ground-mounted systems in areas where the sun’s angle doesn’t vary much throughout the year.

b. Tracking Systems

These racks follow the movement of the sun throughout the day. They can increase the efficiency of a solar system but are more expensive and have more moving parts.

  • Single-axis trackers: These move in one direction (either north-south or east-west) and are common in large solar farms.
  • Dual-axis trackers: These move in two directions and can track the sun more accurately than single-axis trackers.

2. Main Components

  • Mounting Rails: Long, linear pieces that run parallel to the solar panels.
  • Clamps: Attach the solar panels to the mounting rails. There are ‘end clamps’ for the ends of the solar arrays and ‘mid clamps’ for between panels.
  • Mounting Feet or Brackets: These roof mounting materials attach the mounting rails to the roof or ground.
  • Ground Screws/Piles: Used for ground-mounted systems to anchor the structure.

3. Installation Types

a. Roof Mount

  • Flush Mount: Suitable for pitched roofs; panels are mounted parallel to the roofing surface.
  • Tilt Mount: Used when the roof angle isn’t optimal for sun exposure. It allows panels to be tilted for better sunlight.
  • Ballasted Mount: Mainly for flat roofs, these mounts use weights to hold down the system without penetrating the roof.

b. Ground Mount

  • Standard Ground Mount: Uses metal framing anchored into the ground with a series of posts.
  • Pole Mount: The system is held up by single poles at regular intervals.

4. Material

  • Aluminum: Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and widely used for solar racking.
  • Stainless Steel systems: Durable and can resist environmental factors. Often used for parts like bolts and fasteners.
  • Galvanized Steel: Treated to resist rust and corrosion, making it suitable for ground-mounted systems.

5. Considerations When Choosing a Racking System

a. Local Climate

The racking system should be durable enough to withstand local weather conditions such as snow, wind, and hail.

b. Load Requirements

Consider the weight of the panels, additional equipment, and potential snow loads.

c. Orientation and Tilt

The system should allow for the best possible orientation (typically south in the northern hemisphere) and tilt to maximize solar energy capture.

d. Roof Type

The type of roof (e.g., metal, shingle, flat) will determine the kind of racking system and mounting hardware required.

e. Ground Conditions

The soil type and conditions will determine the depth and type of foundation needed for ground-mounted systems.

Why Are Solar Mounting Systems Important?

Roof-mounted solar system

Solar mounting systems, often called solar panel racking systems, play a crucial role in installing and operating solar PV systems. Here are several reasons why solar mounting systems are essential:

1. Structural Integrity

Mounting systems provide a stable foundation for solar PV panels, ensuring they can withstand environmental stresses such as high winds, rain, snow, and other potential hazards.

2. Optimal Orientation and Tilt

Solar panels need to be oriented and tilted in a specific direction, usually towards the equator, to capture the maximum amount of sunlight and generate the maximum amount of electricity. The mounting system allows for this precision, significantly influencing a PV system’s efficiency and energy yield.

3. Aesthetics

Proper mounting systems can ensure that solar installations look neat and orderly. This can be particularly important for residential installations where homeowners might be concerned about the appearance of their roofs.

4. Safety

Properly designed and installed mounting systems ensure panels won’t come loose, posing risks to people or property.

5. Ventilation

Mounting systems elevate panels slightly above the roof or ground surface. This allows for airflow beneath the panels, which helps to cool them. Cooler panels operate more efficiently and have a longer lifespan.

6. Flexibility

Various mounting systems cater to different types of installations, such as ground mounts, roof mounts, pole mounts, other essential components systems, and even tracking systems that move with the sun. This allows solar installations to be adaptable to a wide range of locations and terrains.

7. Protection of Roofing

The proper mounting system for rooftop installations can ensure that the roof is not damaged and remains watertight. Some racking systems are designed to minimize penetrations into the roof, while others provide seals to prevent leaks.

8. Expandability

As solar technology evolves or the energy needs of a property change, there might be a desire to add more panels. A well-planned mounting system can facilitate future expansion.

9. Facilitates Maintenance

By securing panels, mounting systems make it easier for technicians to perform routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.

10. Economic Longevity

A well-designed and properly installed mounting system can extend the life of the entire solar system. A stable platform reduces wear and tear on the panels and associated components, ensuring the economic benefits of the solar system are realized over the intended lifespan of the panels.

Why Quality Racking Systems Are Crucial

Quality racking systems are essential for solar installations for various reasons, ensuring the safety, longevity, and efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) system.

As the landscape configuration of various systems has expanded, so has the need for high-quality module mounting equipment, mounting kits, and innovative systems developed specifically for solar setups.

Here’s why a high-quality racking system is crucial:

1. Safety and Security

Inferior or poorly designed racking systems can make panels loose or detach entirely, especially under environmental stresses like high winds or heavy snow loads. This poses a risk to the property, inhabitants, and passersby.

2. Longevity of the Solar System

A robust and durable racking system can extend the life of the entire solar setup. The panels are protected from undue stress, and potential damage from environmental conditions is minimized.

3. Optimal Performance

Panels must be perfectly oriented for a solar system to function at its best. High-quality racking systems ensure that the panels remain in their optimal orientation and tilt, maintaining the system’s efficiency throughout its lifespan.

4. Roof Protection

A quality racking system for rooftop installations is designed to prevent leaks and minimize roof penetrations. This protects the roof’s integrity and prevents potential costly repairs.

5. Ease of Installation

Well-designed racking systems are often easier to install, reducing the time and labor costs associated with the setup of the solar system.

6. Adaptability to Conditions

High-quality racking systems can be adapted to various roof types and ground conditions. A good racking system provides solutions for diverse scenarios, whether a flat or sloped roof or ground made up of soil, concrete, or other materials.

Best Solar Racking Manufacturers Ireland

Best Solar Racking Manufacturers Ireland

Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland

Elite Energies, headquartered in Longford and providing services across Ireland, stands out as one of the best solar racking manufacturers in the country.

Their commitment to quality is evident in their exclusive use of premium Solarwatt glass-glass panels.

Catering to residential and commercial sectors, they specialize in designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning Solar PV systems that significantly cut down electricity costs.

Their bespoke ground-mounted solar panels showcase their innovation, offering a solution superior to the typical stilt-mounted solar racking systems, especially in areas with limited roof space.

Elite Energies transforms unused rooftop spaces into efficient Solar PV electricity generators for businesses aiming for energy independence. These systems provide 100% free electricity and ensure it’s 100% zero-emission, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Rexel Energy Solutions

Rexel Energy Solutions, an integral part of Rexel Ireland, operates alongside its esteemed branches, Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric.

As leaders in the Irish solar domain, they offer a vast range of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverters, and top-notch mounting equipment.

Their commitment to premium products extends to energy-efficient solutions, home automation, and electric vehicle charging.

Notably, their module mounting equipment, designed for ease of installation, stands out in quality and functionality.

Their innovative approach shines through with the ValkPVPlanner from Van der Valk, a tool integrated with platforms like Google and Bing Maps, streamlining system design and ensuring accurate calculations.

This dedication to quality and innovation underscores Rexel Energy Solutions’ position as one of Ireland’s foremost solar racking manufacturers.

Wyse Solar Solutions

Wyse Solar Solutions, stemming from the legacy of Wyse Electrics Ltd, has over three decades of industry experience.

Established in 1999 as a distinct entity, Wyse Solar Solutions has made significant strides in the realm of renewable energy in Ireland.

They’ve showcased their expertise in standout projects, ranging from the pioneering Green Building in Temple Bar in the ’90s to the contemporary Board Gais H.Q in 2012. One of their specializations lies in ground-mount PV systems.

These systems perfectly fit areas with limited roof space or those wanting to optimize expansive ground areas.

Not just a functional choice, these setups also serve an aesthetic and awareness purpose, highlighting the presence and benefits of solar installations.

This dual focus on functionality and visibility positions Wyse Solar Solutions as Ireland’s leading solar racking manufacturer.


Ireland has witnessed a surge in solar energy adoption, and its top-tier solar racking manufacturers are leading the charge. These manufacturers provide the necessary infrastructure for mounting solar panels and incorporate advanced tools to perform wind-loading calculations, ensuring the safety and longevity of the installations. Furthermore, their position as a large stock system supplier provides that consumers and businesses alike have a reliable source for all their solar needs.

As the nation moves towards a greener future, these solar-racking manufacturers are poised to play an essential role, combining innovation with robust supply chains to meet Ireland’s renewable energy ambitions.