Choosing the Right EV Charger Installers Cork – A Comprehensive Guide

Concept of EV charger installers in Cork

Choosing the right EV charger installers in Cork is integral to a seamless, efficient, and long-lasting charging experience for your electric vehicle.

A well-selected professional will ensure proper adherence to safety norms. In addition, a professional uses adequate installation methods and provides valuable advice based on your usage habits and EV specifications.

Furthermore, they can guide you through the EV chargers selection process, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs. Therefore, choosing a reputable EV charger installer in Cork is a significant step towards optimizing your electric vehicle experience.

Top 7 EV Charger Installers in Cork

Top 7 EV Charger Installers in Cork

Below are the best EV charger installers in Cork. However, before you engage them, if you’re looking for EV solutions, check out our guide on home chargers for electric cars in Ireland for additional insights. You can also get more information on electric vehicles from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

JKS Services

JKS Services is a leading figure among Cork’s top electric vehicle chargers installers. Their reputation is over 35 years of outstanding electrical maintenance, repair, and installation service. JKS Services is well-positioned to serve a diverse clientele. They serve many areas from Bishopstown to Douglas, Ballincollig to Glanmire, and extending to the rest of the County Cork region.

Further, their expertise is in multiple sectors; they operate across domestic, commercial, and industrial settings, demonstrating their versatility and broad skill set.

In recent years, JKS Services has taken on a new challenge: EV charger installations. Harnessing their wealth of experience and technical knowledge, they have established themselves as proficient EV charger installers. Their services are also available to residential and commercial clients, ensuring a wide range of customers can benefit from their expertise.

Every project undertaken by JKS Services meets the highest standards, underpinned by comprehensive insurance coverage. Lastly, they personalize their approach, so they take the time to discuss customers’ needs and provide tailored recommendations. This way, each client receives an EV charger that perfectly matches their specific circumstances.

Southern Solar Electrical

Southern Solar Electrical is an industry leader in Cork, Ireland, renowned for its proficiency in installing EV chargers. They are a fully registered Safe Electric organization with over 30 years of experience. Besides, they specialize in accommodating the needs of electric vehicles through the installation of a wide array of electric car chargers.

Their experience spans domestic and commercial realms, installing EV car chargers that meet the diverse requirements of various clients. Southern Solar Electrical team provides high-quality, reliable services. As a homeowner needing a convenient way to power up your EV or a business seeking to offer charging solutions to customers or employees, you can trust them.

The team at Southern Solar Electrical prides itself on delivering top-notch work at affordable prices. Moreover, they understand the evolving landscape of electric vehicles and charging technology. They also stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements.

Southern Solar Electrical is an SEAI Registered Contractor and an official installer of MyEnergi products. It has demonstrated its commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards. That makes them a trusted choice for installing EV chargers in Cork.


ePower distinguishes itself as a top provider of EV charger installation services, committed to offering electric vehicle owners some of the best car chargers available in Cork. Further, they have a range of charging devices manufactured by renowned companies. They ensure clients receive reliable, durable, and safe solutions for their EV charging needs.

Innovation is at the forefront of ePower’s services. The EV charging points they provide have cutting-edge technology. It enables users to charge their electric cars efficiently and conveniently. These devices offer reliability and durability, as they consist of high-quality materials to are weather-resistant.

RECI-certified electricians execute ePower’s services. It guarantees that the installation of the EV charging points adheres to both technical requirements and government guidelines. This compliance ensures safety and quality in every installation project they undertake.

Another significant advantage of choosing ePower is its swift and quality-focused installation process. Clients can anticipate their car charger installation within 10 to 14 days of their first inquiry. Besides, this efficient approach does not compromise safety or quality, ensuring customers enjoy their new charging solution as soon as possible.

To make the process as smooth as possible, ePower’s experienced sales specialists and installers provide comprehensive support at every step. Again, they guide and facilitate the process from choosing the best car charger for your needs to assisting with the SEAI or ACA grant application.


Smartzone, a great EV charger installation company in Cork, prides itself on delivering high-quality home electric vehicle chargers. These chargers, within reach for many due to an advantageous SEAI grant, cater perfectly to the needs of electric vehicle owners.

In addition, they provide a comprehensive package of up to 7 kW/h Dynamic Fast Charging and a 5 Metre Type 2 Tethered Cable. These features ensure you can replenish your vehicle’s battery quickly and conveniently at home.

Furthermore, Smartzone’s offering includes a mobile app, allowing you to monitor your charging process easily. The chargers also boast a compact design, providing an unobtrusive addition to your home while delivering essential functionality.

Smartzone’s commitment to quality and safety is unwavering, evident in their 3-year parts warranty and Safe Electric Certification. Professional installation by a certified SmartZone specialist guarantees that the setup of your home EV charger adheres to stringent safety standards.

In addition to installing your EV charger, the SmartZone team also assists in streamlining the entire process. They provide help with paperwork, answer your questions, and even offer a full demonstration of your new charger’s operations.

Wizer Energy

Wizer Energy, a seasoned company in the renewable energy sector, stands out as one of Cork’s top EV charger installation companies. They provide a valuable service in equipping Irish homes with reliable and user-friendly fast-charging stations, proving a wise investment for any electric vehicle owner.

Choosing an electric vehicle implies a commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle. Wizer Energy helps extend that commitment to the comforts of your home, enabling you to bid farewell to petrol stations. Equally important, with their services, you can enjoy your renewable energy station, which, over time, can lead to significant savings.

The company brings over six years of experience installing solar PV systems and EV charging stations. This expertise and dedication to reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions have earned them the trust of domestic and commercial clients in Ireland.

Wizer Energy specializes in supplying and installing Zappi EV charging stations. These stations are renowned for their reliability, high quality, and user-friendly nature. Features like a built-in LCD, smartphone and remote operation, and ‘smart’ timers to optimize charging times during peak tariff hours make them a standout choice for any home.

Cronin Electrical

Cronin Electrical Contractors, a company boasting over a decade of experience, stands out as a trusted EV charger installation company in Cork. They have carved a niche in the industry by designing and installing various electrical installations, including electric car chargers.

The professional and friendly team at Cronin Electrical goes above and beyond just supplying and fitting electric car chargers. They also accompany their clients through the grant process, demonstrating their commitment to delivering a seamless, hassle-free experience.

The grant, provided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), can cover up to €300 towards purchasing and installing chargers for both new and second-hand electric cars. Moreover, financial aid considerably lightens the burden on vehicle owners, making the transition to an electric vehicle more accessible.


EasyGo is a notable player in EV charger installations in Cork, specializing in supplying and fitting electric car chargers and associated accessories for residential use. The company takes great pride in offering top-quality home chargers, touted as some of the fastest on the market, thus enhancing the experience for electric vehicle owners.

One of EasyGo’s distinguishing features is its holistic approach to EV charging solutions. It goes beyond simply providing a physical charger. The team at EasyGo also imparts valuable advice on power management to ensure that you always have electricity when needed. Again, this proactive approach balances your home’s EV charging needs and other electrical requirements.

In addition, through its sister concern, CarCharger, the company carries out all installations, ensuring excellent service and quality control. They also advise on best installation practices and tailor recommendations to suit your car’s requirements.

Tips on Choosing the Best EV Car Charger in Cork

EV plug connected to white electric car for charging

Choosing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger is essential when owning an EV. It’s a critical decision that affects your electric car’s usability, charging speed, and overall convenience. Here are some tips on choosing the best EV car charger if you’re in Cork, Ireland:

Understand Charging Levels

EV chargers come in three primary levels. Level 1 chargers use a standard 120V AC outlet and charge your EV slowly. Level 2 chargers are the most common for home installations, using a 240V AC outlet and charging an EV in a few hours. DC Fast chargers (Level 3) are typically for commercial use and can charge an EV up to 80% in 20-30 minutes.

Check Compatibility

Make sure the charger you choose is compatible with your EV. Not all chargers work with every model of EV, so it’s crucial to check this before purchasing. If in doubt, consult with the EV manufacturer or a knowledgeable dealer.

Installation Site and Equipment

Check where you’ll install your charging station at home. You might need an electrician to set up a dedicated circuit, especially for Level 2 chargers. Ensure enough space, and consider protection from the elements if it’s outside.

Consider Smart Features

Some modern EV chargers come with smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to remotely control and monitor the charging process using a smartphone app. Furthermore, some even have integration with innovative home systems.

Check for Grants and Incentives

The Irish government offers grants and incentives for EVs and their charging equipment through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). They can also offset the cost of purchasing and installing an EV charger. Check the latest available offers before making a decision. To understand the potential expenses, read our article on the cost of EV charger installation in Ireland.

Buy From a Reputable Source

Ensure that you purchase your EV charger from a reputable source. Look for reviews and ratings of the retailer or product online before buying.

Look at Charging Speeds

A charger’s power output, measured in kilowatts (kW), affects how quickly your EV will charge. A higher kW means faster charging but may come at a higher cost. Choose a charger that offers a good balance of charging speed and price.

Consider the Cable Length

Ensure the charging station’s cable is long enough to reach your EV comfortably from the installation point. A cable length of about 5-7 meters is usually sufficient for most home installations.

Check Warranty and Support

Ensure the charger has a good warranty and customer support from the manufacturer. Furthermore, it’s essential to have support if you encounter issues with your charger.

Professional Installation

We recommend you have your EV charger installed by a professional. Some manufacturers or retailers offer installation services, or you could hire a local electrician. Remember that the work should comply with the National Rules for Electrical Installations (ET101) standard.

Explore the Energy Engineering program at University College Cork for deeper insights into the science and engineering behind solar energy and EV charging.

Conclusion – EV Charger Installers Cork

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to some of Cork’s top EV charger installers! Switching to an electric vehicle involves much more than just buying the car. It also helps to have a reliable, efficient, and safe way to charge your car at home or work.

Companies like JKS Services, Southern Solar Electrical, ePower, SmartZone, Wizer Energy, Cronin Electrical, and EasyGo work tirelessly to make the charging process seamless. These firms provide a physical charger and comprehensive solutions, including power management advice, support with grant applications, and tailored installations. Learn more about solar energy in your area with our guide to solar panels in Cork.

Remember, while the budget is necessary, the safety, quality of installation, and the charger’s compatibility with your electric car are paramount. In addition, you deserve an installer who provides excellent customer service and a product that meets your needs.