Quality Matters – Selecting the Best EV Charger Installers in Dublin

Concept of Best EV Charger Installers in Dublin

Choosing quality EV charger installers in Dublin significantly impacts your electric vehicle’s charging system’s longevity, efficiency, and safety. By seeking professional services, you can benefit from proper installation techniques, expert advice, and comprehensive warranty coverage.

Besides, selecting an installer who adheres to strict safety standards ensures the proper functionality of your electric car chargers and minimizes potential risks.

Furthermore, expert installers can guide you toward the most suitable charging unit considering your vehicle’s specifications and daily routines. Before proceeding with the installation, it’s essential to know how much EV charger installation in Ireland typically costs.

Why Is Choosing the Right Electric Car Charger Installer Crucial?

Technician installing EV home charger


Electric vehicle chargers, when not installed correctly, can pose severe safety risks, including fires and electric shocks. Equally important, a certified professional can ensure the safety of your charger installation.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards

There are strict guidelines for the installation of electric car chargers in Ireland. Again, a knowledgeable installer will ensure your home electric car charger complies with these regulations.

Quality of Installation

Proper installation of electric chargers is critical to maintain your vehicle’s efficiency. Experienced professionals know how to optimize the setup for optimal performance.

Product Knowledge

Different EV chargers suit different car models. A professional will advise on your vehicle’s best charger and specific charging needs.

Warranty Considerations

For many electric car chargers, a warranty requires installation by a certified professional. Avoiding professional charger installation may void your warranty.


Although installing it yourself or hiring a less experienced person might seem cost-saving, mistakes could lead to additional costs. Besides, hiring a professional installer makes you more likely to save money by getting the job done right the first time.


Someone up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies should ideally conduct EV charger installation in Ireland. They can ensure that your charging station is ready for any advancements in electric vehicle technology.

After-Sales Service

Professional installers usually offer after-sales service, which could be invaluable if any issues with your electric vehicle chargers arise after installation.

Top 7 EV Charger Installers in Dublin

Top 7 EV Charger Installers in Dublin

Phoenix Electrical Services

Phoenix Electrical Services is a leading electric vehicle (EV) charger installation provider based in Dublin. Being RECI registered and SAFE ELECTRIC compliant, the company is well-positioned to cater to EV charging needs. Again, they can benefit the domestic, commercial, and public sectors.

They have a diverse range of offerings to match individual customer needs. Phoenix Electrical Services provides standalone, wall-mounted electric car chargers for residential clients for home installation. Furthermore, it enhances the convenience of owning and maintaining an electric vehicle.

On the commercial side, Phoenix Electrical Services offers a comprehensive solution that includes installing a full-access network of intelligent EV chargers. Further, this system ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their charging infrastructure. It also ensures that it can better serve the employees, customers, or fleet of electric vehicles.

Phoenix Electrical Services has over 36 years of experience in the industry. Equally important, that helps it combine its deep electrical system knowledge with modern EV charging technology. In addition, this vast experience enables them to provide expertly installed, quality, and affordable EV chargers for residential and commercial clients.

Moreover, their highly respected electrical services provider status extends beyond EV charger installation. Phoenix Electrical Services also offers maintenance services for electric vehicle charge points. It ensures its clients’ charging infrastructure remains in optimal condition over time.


Integrate your EV charger with solar battery storage for a self-sufficient energy solution. Charger installation service starts from €995, factoring in Ireland’s €600 SEAI Grant. It makes charger services accessible and budget-friendly, offering electric vehicle owners a cost-effective charging solution.

The company recognizes that most electric cars sold recently in Ireland and the UK support Mode 3 Charging and use a Type 2 Cable. To this end, all the charger models they sell support this standard. However, they also accommodate incompatible vehicles upon request, for instance, by providing chargers with Type 1 cables.

When choosing the right charging point for your vehicle, a charger can guide you through various considerations, such as budget and desired features. They leverage the SEAI grant to provide clients with affordable charger options, making owning and operating an electric car more achievable.

Charger provides tethered and untethered EV chargers with 5 or 7-meter cable lengths, suiting various home charger installations. All of their chargers can deliver a maximum output of at least 7.4kW, facilitating fast charging for your electric vehicle.

Their EV box solutions can integrate seamlessly with your home’s electrical supply, ensuring an efficient and reliable charging experience for all-electric cars and electric vehicles.

DunneElec Electrical Contractors LTD

DunneElec Electrical Contractors LTD is a professional provider of EV charger services located in Dublin. They offer extensive services, encompassing EV charger installation and dedicated repairs and maintenance. That helps it to cater to a diverse range of customer needs.

For individuals looking to integrate an EV charger into their residential setup, DunneElec provides professional installation services. They extend the same expert service to businesses aiming to establish multiple on-site EV charging stations. Furthermore, their installation process indicates their versatility in handling varied customer requirements.

Their team’s cumulative experience of over 40 years, coupled with their Safe Electric accreditation, reinforces their commitment to quality and professionalism. This seasoned experience allows them to ensure fast, straightforward, and reliable charging for your electric vehicles.

But their service continues after installation. DunneElec also provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services for EV chargers. It reflects their dedication to long-term customer satisfaction. Moreover, their goal is to guarantee that your charging station performs at its peak throughout the year.

As registered electrical contractors, they offer customers the added advantage of being able to facilitate the SEAI EV Charger Grant. Again, it illustrates their commitment to providing an affordable service to their clientele.

Deering Electrical

Deering Electrical is a superior EV charger installation service based in Dublin. They provide comprehensive services, including installing, repairing, and maintaining EV chargers for domestic and commercial properties.

In addition, they offer various solutions, from wall-mounted chargers in residential homes to pillar chargers in car parks. Deering Electrical is a leading EV charger installation service provider. They ensure that all its installations happen quickly, efficiently, and professionally, setting a high standard in the field.

One of Deering Electrical’s unique offerings is its commitment to providing tailor-made EV charger solutions. Besides, they work closely with clients to fully understand their needs. They create an electric car charger setup that perfectly fits their client’s requirements. Whether it’s a custom-built and designed EV charger for a specific need or a more standard solution, they provide a service that is uniquely suited to each client.

Their services extend beyond just installations, with comprehensive maintenance and repair offerings to ensure the ongoing performance of the EV chargers they install. It means they’re there to set up your charger and ensure it continues to serve you well into the future.

Lastly, Deering Electrical has the expertise and experience to handle various installation types, whether a pillar or wall-mounted EV charger. Equally important, this flexibility ensures they can provide services suited to each location’s unique circumstances.

Additionally, they offer consultation, advice, and recommendations regarding EV charger solutions. It demonstrates their commitment to providing a holistic service to their clients.

EV Charging Ireland

EV Charging Ireland is a crucial player in Dublin’s EV charger installation industry, renowned for their partnerships with leading electric vehicle charging manufacturers. Furthermore, they provide innovative, eco-friendly, smart electric vehicle charging solutions for various needs and settings.

They have many service offerings for residential, business, or public charging stations. Their approach is customer-centric, ensuring they recommend and install products most suited to their customer’s unique requirements.

To deliver the most tailored service and competitive prices, EV Charging Ireland offers customers a free, no-obligation site survey.

Their highest priority in EV charging is safety and compliance, which are critical given the potential risks of improper installation. Again, they bring expert knowledge of home and business electrical systems to each project, an essential aspect of all EV charging installations.

EV Charging Ireland goes the extra mile to ensure your EV charger’s electrical supply is safe and in line with current regulations. Finally, they certify that the EV charger is fully certified, reflecting their commitment to adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations.

Going Solar

Going Solar is a highly reputable EV charger installer in Dublin, known for its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. They offer comprehensive services. Their services provide homes and businesses with efficient, reliable, easy-to-use EV charging infrastructure.

One of Going Solar’s main offerings is its home chargers, designed to make charging electric vehicles as convenient for homeowners. In addition, they understand that a charging station at home adds convenience and maximizes the benefits of owning an EV. Therefore, they ensure their home chargers are of the highest quality, providing fast and efficient charging and an overall improved EV ownership experience.

Regarding installing charging stations, Going Solar shines with its professionalism and dedication to quality. They are also well-versed in setting up charging stations in various settings, from homes to businesses. Further, they ensure that every installation meets the highest safety and efficiency standards.

One standout aspect of Going Solar’s service is its dedication to helping customers choose suitable chargers. They understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences. Moreover, they provide expert guidance to help you select the best EV charger for your circumstances. Lastly, this customer-focused approach makes them one of Dublin’s best EV charger installers.

EV Charging Stations Ireland

EV Charging Stations Ireland is a prominent name in the domain of EV charger installations in Dublin. Despite having a national reach, they strongly focus on the Dublin area. They get support from a dedicated full-time team of EV installers working in the capital. Again, this local focus speaks volumes about their commitment to serving the burgeoning EV market in Dublin.

Dublin has witnessed the highest growth rate for EV cars and EV support services in Ireland, making it a key market. Recognizing this growth, EV Charging Stations Ireland has remained steadfast in supporting the proliferation of EV cars. It also helps with the necessary support services, thus contributing significantly to the region’s clean energy goals.

Over the past five years, they have emerged as the leading installer of EV chargers in Dublin. That is a testament to their extensive experience, superior service quality, and understanding of the local market dynamics. They have succeeded in building a reputation for providing efficient, reliable, and professional installation services. It makes them a preferred choice for many EV owners.


So, there we have it! We must have the right partners as we move towards a more sustainable future with electric vehicles. Dublin is lucky to have great EV charger installers like Phoenix Electrical Services, Charger, DunneElec Electrical Contractors LTD, Deering Electrical, EV Charging Ireland, Going Solar, and EV Charging Stations Ireland.

These pros don’t just set up chargers; they guide you in picking the best one, provide excellent maintenance and repairs, and help make the city more welcoming for electric vehicles. Ensure you enhance your green energy footprint by pairing your EV charger with solar panels in Dublin.

Remember, it’s not only about finding someone to install a charger; it’s about finding a trustworthy partner for your electric vehicle journey. So when you choose, remember quality matters.