Top Solar Installation Companies in Galway Ireland

Top Solar Installation Companies in Galway Ireland

Several esteemed companies offer top-notch installation services for Solar Panels in Galway, Ireland. The leading firms differentiate themselves with an array of unique system options, competitive cost structures, and high levels of customer satisfaction. Choosing wisely from these reputable companies can ensure a smooth and successful transition to solar energy.

Overview of Galway

Concept of Galway and solar PV energy

Galway is on the west coast of Ireland, in the province of Connacht. It is the fourth-largest city in Ireland and has approximately 80,000 people. 

The city has a vibrant culture, historic landmarks, and stunning natural scenery, making it a popular destination for tourists worldwide.

Galway experiences a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild winters and cool summers. 

Further, the city also experiences frequent rainfall and windy conditions, which make it an ideal location for harnessing wind energy. The average temperature in Galway ranges from 7°C (45°F) in winter to 19°C (66°F) in summer.

Galway’s energy consumption is now primarily fueled by traditional sources like natural gas, oil, and coal. 

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), in 2020, Galway consumed approximately 615 GWh of energy, with 65% coming from natural gas and 30% from oil. 

Only 1% of Galway’s energy consumption came from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and biomass.

Despite its potential for renewable energy, the use of solar energy in Galway is still in its early stages. 

There are currently a few solar panel installations in the city, primarily residential homes and small businesses. However, the Irish government has set ambitious targets for renewable energy usage, to have 70% of the country’s electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030. 

They expect this target to drive increased adoption of solar photovoltaic energy in Galway and throughout Ireland.

The Top 6 Solar Installation Companies in Galway

Top 6 Solar Installation Companies in Galway

Byrne Energy

Byrne Energy is a newly established solar supply and installation company in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway. Aidan Byrne, the owner of the company, originally comes from Kildare.

The main objective of Byrne Energy is to provide customers with the most professional, friendly, and personable service. Equally important, they help them achieve their home energy goals.

The company offers full support in helping customers achieve the solar PV system they have always dreamed of while explaining its workings, benefits, and payback period in simple terms.

They offer assistance at every process step, whether it is an initial query, solar PV design, planning permission requirements, or grant support.

Comet Renewable Energy

Comet Renewable Energy is a solar company in Ireland. It has been operating for several years. Further, the company is community-oriented and Irish-owned, with a wealth of experience in the solar industry in Ireland, the UK, the United States, and Europe.

Comet Renewable Energy specializes in solar photovoltaic (solar panel) electric and solar thermal solutions for residential and commercial customers.

By working with Comet Renewable Energy, customers can expect to benefit from substantial reductions in their electricity and hot water bills.

The company uses high-quality solar panels and components to ensure maximum energy efficiency and longevity of the solar panel system.

Claddagh Electrics / Solar PV

Claddagh Electrics is a company in Galway that provides various electrical services. They specialize in solar thermal systems, battery storage, and EV charging installations.

In addition, they ensure attention to detail and high quality. Claddagh Electrics also offers domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical services, lighting, and perfect home automation solutions.

They are registered with Safe Electric and are an SEAI-approved company, meaning they meet the necessary standards for safety and quality.

Claddagh Electrics has been in business for over ten years and has a team of fully qualified electricians, solar installers, and a qualified solar roofing team.

They are fully insured and take pride in providing custom-tailored solar PV and battery storage designs to meet the unique needs of their customers. They are recognizable because they are the best Myenergi Zappi EV charger installers in Co.Galway.

PureVolt Solar

PureVolt Solar is a solar installation company in Galway that aims to provide low-cost and low-carbon solutions for homeowners. The company exists because of the belief that there is a need for clear and transparent information about solar installations.

PureVolt Solar’s main objective is to help Ireland go green by providing honest and open advice, even if that means some customers decide against solar or go elsewhere.

The company has a team of dedicated professionals, including Ian Murphy, the Chief Solar Engineer, and Kelly Preston, the Head of Customer Service.

Ian brings experience in designing and implementing high-quality solar panel systems, while Kelly ensures that customers have a positive and seamless experience throughout their installation process.

Solar Home Ireland Ltd

Solar Home Ireland Ltd is a solar panel company that has been in business since 2005 and is the longest-established solar company in Ireland. They have completed thousands of solar installations nationwide and take great pride in their work.

One key factor that sets Solar Home Ireland apart from other solar companies is that they carry out all of their work, manage roof space effectively, and do not subcontract any part of the process.

It ensures they have complete control over the quality of their installations and can maintain high standards.

Furthermore, their team consists of professional, certified individuals committed to delivering the best possible service to their customers.

Solar Home Ireland’s team members take pride in their work and strive to provide their customers with high-quality solar panel systems that meet their energy needs and help them reduce their carbon footprint.


Greenco is a reputable solar installation company in Ireland. It specializes in solar panel installation in Galway and across the island. The company helps to save money and reduce energy bills.

Greenco is a fully accredited and approved solar installer and a member of numerous solar and electrical bodies. It ensures consumer protection and quality renewable energy products and electrical installations.

Apart from solar panel installation, the company also offers other electrical services for homes and businesses throughout Ireland.

With the rising energy prices, Greenco encourages people to install solar panels on their homes or businesses, saving money on energy bills, reducing their carbon footprint, and taking advantage of opportunities to sell back to the grid, grants, and ACA Tax Relief.

The company prides itself on its professionalism and approaches every project, big or small, with the same dedication and commitment. Greenco has completed hundreds of solar projects for high-profile clients across Ireland, reducing their electricity and fossil fuel bills.

The experienced team at Greenco designs, installs, and commissions Solar PV and Solar PV Battery Storage systems, working with customers to achieve the best possible clean energy outcome. The company is also a certified electric car charger installer.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Company, Galway

Solar panel technician installing PV panels outdoors

It is crucial to choose the best solar panel company for your needs. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice if you are considering installing a solar system in Galway:

Look For Experience

Choose a company with a proven record of installing solar panels in Galway. Look for a company that has been in business for several years and has completed numerous projects in the area.

Check for Certifications

The company you choose should be certified by SEAI to install solar panels. It ensures they are knowledgeable and have the necessary skills to install your solar system correctly.

Quality of PV Panels

Make sure the company uses high-quality PV panels from reputable manufacturers. That ensures that your system will generate maximum energy and last for a long time.

Customer Reviews

Read reviews from previous customers to get an idea of the level of service provided by the company. You can also check the company’s social media pages and online forums for feedback.

Grant Applications

Look for a company that can assist with the SEAI grant application process. It will save you time and ensure you receive the maximum grant available.


Well, there you have it! You are now fully equipped with all the information you need about solar panels in Galway. From PV panels to grant applications, you are officially a solar expert!

So, if you are ready to join the green energy revolution and save some money on your electricity bills, it is time to start exploring your options.

Lastly, feel free to contact some of the fantastic solar companies in Galway and see what they offer. Who knows, maybe you will even become the talk of the town with your shiny new solar system. Let’s soak up the sun with solar panels in Galway!